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Dateland Shipping Rates Explained

Posted on November 22, 2017

As you are shopping you might want to keep the following shipping rates that we know for sure in mind. If the shipping calculator charges you more - we will refund the difference! Or you can also call us to place the order.

Shipping Boxes

$8.25 Shipping - Small Flat Rate Box

One 1-lb. Bag OR One 2-lb. Box

Regional A Box: $7.05 - $10.75 (Depends on how close you live to zip code 85333)

Two 2-lb. Boxes or One 5-lb. Box

Regional B Box $7.36 - $20.98 (Depends on how close you live to zip code 85333)

Three 2-lb. Boxes


One 5-lb. Box + One 2-lb. Box + Two of our Gift Combo Boxes


One-5 lb. Box + Two 2-lb. Boxes + 2-lb. Bag

$13.65 Shipping - Medium Flat Rate Box

Two 2-lb. Boxes + Two of Our Combo Gift Boxes


Seven Combo Gift Boxes


One 9-lb. Box

$18.90 - Large Flat Rate Box

Two 5-lb. Boxes

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