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Ever Tried Our World Famous Date Shakes?

Posted on 6th Jul 2014

World Famous Date Shake

Have you ever tried a date shake? Unless you’re a date enthusiast like us — or one of our ever-growing loyal customers — we’re willing to bet no. And that’s a darn shame. 

There are tales about our Dateland date shakes that stretch from the Hoover Dam to the depths of the Grand Canyon and around the globe. Although we have customers placing orders from all over the world through our website for our dates, there’s nothing quite like coming to our oasis in the Arizona desert and enjoying a truly unique and remarkable milkshake.

Leveraging the stupendousness of Medjools, the “Cadillac of Dates,” our World Famous Date Shakes use only natural fruit instead of date sugar or date crystals. And while some date shakes use various other dates,  ours are made only from the delectable fresh Medjool dates themselves.

It all goes back to our fresh dates

Way back in 1995, Roland and Charna Walker left Alberta, Canada to purchase Dateland.  At the time, the property included a restaurant, gift shop, RV park and 300 date-producing trees. These trees had often surprised passing travelers who had grown accustomed to the vast stretches of desert with little to no green life to be found. Then, all of a sudden, there was a huge grove of date trees! 

Although these trees produce many different types of dates, the crown jewel are the medjools, which are known worldwide for their delicious taste, sweetness and large size. In fact, these dates historically were reserved for royalty back in the Middle East and North Africa — where they were first cultivated thousands of years ago. 

The Walkers aren’t completely certain about the origins of the date shake, but there are stories of it originating at the original Dateland Restaurant, first built in the late 1920s. Today, motorists passing through the area in need of a way to escape the heat continue to stop by and partake in Dateland’s unusual, tasty cold treat. In fact, it has become somewhat of a landmark, and people travel from across the globe just for the experience. 

These date shakes are just one more reason for you to come down and visit us in Dateland, Arizona. We hope to see you soon! And if you can't make it, you can always purchase our Date Shake Mix on our website. It's the next best thing to having one fresh from our Ice Cream Corner Cafe.

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