Looking for a Great Gift? Don’t Rule Out Delicious Dates!

Posted by Dateland Date Gardens on 30th Apr 2014

Looking for a Great Gift? Don’t Rule Out Delicious Dates!

Medjool Date Gift Box

Nothing beats the gift of great-tasting fruit! No, we’re serious. For those of you in doubt.... two words.  Valentines Day.  What could possibly be more appropriate then a date on Valentines Day.

Medjool dates are both healthy and delicious, and Dateland Date Gardens offers a wide range of gifts perfect for birthdays, holidays, Mothers/Fathers Day and other special occasions. While you probably haven’t seriously considered dates as a gift in the past, we urge you to give them a try — your friends and family will appreciate the effort!

How do you know our dates are the best, you ask?

Great question! Our Medjools originally come from the Middle East and North Africa regions, where people first began cultivating this exceptional fruit more than 6,000 years ago. Plus, medjools are considered by many to be the best variety of dates in existence, with their large size and sweet, succulent taste.

But at Dateland Date Gardens, we grow all of our Medjool dates right here at our date farm and nursery and ship them directly to you — so you get access to the freshest, most delicious dates you’ll find anywhere. Our date gift options include Jumbo Medjool dates in our two and five pound boxes, and Medjool date gift boxes with combinations of almond and coconut date rolls and chocolate covered dates!

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about our date rolls. They feature delicious, flavorful Medjool dates rolled up in almond or coconut for a crunchy, delicious treat that is also much healthier than your average snack. (Try them cold for an extra special treat.) These delicacies are certain to make an impression on the people lucky enough to have you as a friend!

Don’t wait until the last second to give the gift of dates. Place your order today and provide your friends and loved ones with a unique, delicious treat they’ll be certain to love — and ask for again next year!  

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