Medjool Dates

Considered the ultimate delicacy, Medjool dates are the largest dates grown in North America. They are a soft, sweet, succulent date with a velvety texture and a taste so decadent that Medjool dates were originally grown in Morocco exclusively for royalty. Fortunately for the rest of us, in 1927 disease threatened to destroy their trees so Morocco sent 11 offshoots to the United States to prevent this delicious fruit from becoming extinct.

Like other dates, these fruits grow on date palm trees in hot and arid environments, but they are larger than other dates and are often referred to as the "Cadillac of Dates" because many people consider them the best. The sweetness, large size and juicy flesh of Medjool dates make them perfect for a standalone snack or as an ingredient in baked goods and other recipes.

Our Medjool dates are grown and harvested right here at Dateland Date Gardens and shipped directly to our customers, meaning you're getting the freshest and best tasting dates available. As you can see below, our Medjool dates are graded by size and quality into four distinctive catagories. Place your online order today and enjoy this fabulous fresh fruit direct from the grower. Our boxed Medjool dates also make a great gift to family and friends.

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