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Visit Dateland, Arizona

Photos of Dateland, Arizona

We have very easy access off of the interstate, with plenty of parking available, including enough turn around space for semi-trucks and buses.

History of Dateland

People stop here in Dateland not only for the obvious reason that we are a convenient stop, or because they want to buy to buy dates, but frequently it's because their parents and/or their grandparents always stopped in Dateland and stopping here brings back good memories. Or sometimes it's because they or a loved one served in the military and they were trained here in Dateland.

Date Farm & Nursery

We have several hundred healthy, hearty date palm trees that have all been removed from the parent tree, and they have been in the ground for a minimum of two years.

RV Park

Our charming little RV park has 46 full hook-ups, located in the heart of the Arizona desert. Perfect for people who prefer the tranquility of the desert, rather then the crowded RV parks in the city.

Gift Shop

A great little gift shop featuring unique gift items and Arizona Souvenirs, and, of course, .... DATES!!!

Cafe & Food Court

Cool off at our Famous Ice Cream Corner, featuring our World Famous Date Milkshakes and our homemade date ice cream.

Gas Station

We sell both diesel and biodiesel, propane, Flex-fuel, and racing fuel for your boats, quads, and dune vehicles.

Map & Directions

We are located at 1737 S Avenue 64 E, Dateland, Arizona 85333.

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