Thoory Dates



Considered a type of “bread date”, or dry date, Thoory dates originated in Algeria, a country in northern Africa. While we can't say for sure it was the Thoory dates, "bread dates" were the first food ever cultivated by man. As mentioned many times in the Bible, the desert nomads used "bread dates" for sustenance during their travels.

These historical dates are drier in their composition than other types of dates, and feature a hard outer flesh, which made them perfect for the nomads, because they could be kept for long periods of time. Thoory dates have a hard chewy body and a nutty flavor.

Since thoory dates are less sticky on the outside they can make a great, nutritious snack for outdoor activities such as hiking or golfing, or anytime you are on the go. Because Thoory dates can be quite hard, they might not be for everybody, but if their hardness deters you, their wonderful nutty flavor can still be enjoyed by using them in your baking.  Just soak them in hot water, then pit and chop them and add them to your favorite recipe!

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